Friday, September 11, 2015

He showed a gorilla photos of other gorillas on his phone. Watch the gorilla's reaction!

Interesting. Another example of how gorillas' mannerisms are so much like ours. You can see this gorilla was clearly interested in the photos - especially near the end, lol...

There has been concern about the habitat and happiness of this gorilla. Please note that this gorilla (I believe he is named Jelani) is housed in an award winning 4 acre gorilla sanctuary in the Louisville Zoo. He is a Western Lowland Gorilla, a species classified as "critically endangered" by the I.U.C.N.
The Louisville Zoo works hard to provide Jelani and his group with great nutrition, a stimulating and wide open environment, medicine and a chance and hopefully through awareness and captive breeding they'll help move this beautiful species off that endangered list.
If you feel sad or moved by this video, then do some research and see how you can help: http://louisvillezoo.org/a-gorilla-sa...

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