Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rename Calgary Airport after Stephen Harper: SIGN OUR PETITION!

The last part on this viralling vid was a shocker for us. Watch it to find out. In the meantime, a petition has been created by R. Curtis Mullen on Sunday which proposed that Calgary International Airport don a new title in the namesake of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who hails from the city...

So Toronto’s main airport is named after a Liberal prime minister, Lester Pearson. And Montreal’s main airport is named a liberal Prime minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
So what’s Calgary’s airport called? It’s the third busiest in Canada.
Well, it doesn’t have a name. It’s called the Calgary International Airport, or YYC, its call letters.

I have an idea. Why don’t we call it the Stephen Harper International Airport?
He’s been a major figure in Calgary for more than 20 years. First elected as an MP in 1993. United the right; beat the Liberals three times. Helped change the country. Not everyone in Canada loves him. Not everyone loved Pearson or Trudeau either, but in their home towns, it was enough to name their airport.

Info source: vancitybuzz

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