Thursday, October 29, 2015

Woman Freezes to Death in a Cryotherapy Chamber

And this treatment is used to help athletes heal their muscles? Scary! And she was a manager at this business? Something doesn't add up here. 24-year-old Hawaiian native, Ake-Salvacion, was discovered Oct. 20 inside a tank at the Rejuvenice spa in Henderson, Nevada, Las Vegas by a co-worker "frozen in solid ice." She was only supposed to be in there for 3 minutes - but was discovered 10 hours later!

For $65 per session, male visitors strip to their underwear (women go completely naked), then don a robe, white athletic socks, gloves and a surgical mask. They are then ordered by an employee to enter a chamber outfitted with a small window and digital readout, resembling a time machine. Once the door is closed, a cloud of vapor engulfs you and the temperature inside plummets to minus 220 degrees Fahrenheit. (By contrast, the lowest natural temperature ever recorded was minus 128.5 degrees Fahrenheit, registered in Antarctica.)

According to Kuehne, the low temperatures stimulate cells to produce proteins called cytokines, which are thought to fight inflammation. But the claims do not end there. Among the purported benefits of the therapy, reads the Rejuvenice website, cryotherapy "accelerates tissue healing, strengthens [the] immune system, improves blood circulation." It also claims to have "anti-aging" benefits, "burns 500-800 calories" and can be "beneficial against depression."

Info source: hollywoodreporter

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