Tuesday, January 26, 2016

3 Dead sperm whales wash up on Skegness beach in the UK

Warning: Videos contain graphic images

Wow. More dead whales discovered ashore. This time it's in the UK. It's a sad sight seeing these big, beautiful creatures laying dead on the sands. Crowds, said to be “in the low thousands”, were drawn to Skegness, the seaside town in England, to see the whales...

According to theguardian, these 3 were found five miles up the coast from where the male sperm whale was discovered. Now a fifth dead whale has since been found, marking the worst sperm whale stranding off the English coast since records began in 1913.

Scientists believe that the whales, all members of the same pod, were hungry and dehydrated but alive when they were stranded in shallow waters during their search for food. Sperm whales are deep sea creatures and can easily become disoriented if they get into shallow water.

“This is an unusual event and the question hanging is why they were in the North Sea in the first place,” said Rob Deaville, project manager at the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme. With a lack of food and shallow, disorientating waters for a deep sea animal, “they were always up against it unless they could find their way out through the big open end between Norway and Scotland.”

Info source: theguardian

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