Friday, January 29, 2016

Monitor Lizard Decomposition Time Lapse - Earth Unplugged

Warning: Some gut turning images

These guys from BBC Earth Unplugged usually slow things down (see a few of these incredible videos further below), but this time they're speeding things up in this time lapse vid of a rotting lizard...
What happens when an animal dies? This week Sam and Si speed things up using time lapse for a change - as they watch what happens to a deceased Savannah monitor lizard over the course of a month. The circle of life springs into action as we highlight some of the stages of decomposition, and showcase the little beasties that get involved along the way.
*The lizard used in this film was donated to us by a licensed and reputable source, and wasn't harmed in any way to make this episode.

Using incredible high speed camera work the team reveal how a Goshawk attacks it's prey during mid flight.

Using incredible high speed camera work we reveal how the Barn Owl makes its silent attack.

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