Monday, March 28, 2016

Bicycle superhighway: Norway pours US$923m into massive bike-only road plan for cities

Can you imagine having a highway just for bicycles?? We haven't rode a bike in centuries but we'd start if they built something like this here. Wonder what they'll do when winter comes?...

OSLO, NORWAY — Norway has invested in the development of a network of highways for cyclists.
The country has announced that it will spend 8 billion Norwegian Kroner (US$923 million) on 10 broad, two-lane, cross-country bike tracks in and near Norway’s nine largest cities. The highway will allow longer-distance cyclists to travel with a speed and safety hitherto impossible.

If the bike highway succeeds, it should take pressure off roads and public transit and help cut Norway’s usage of fossil fuels.

Norway’s vision doesn’t stand alone. In 2014, an elevated bike path was proposed for London by design firm Norman Foster. The futuristic cycle highway was designed as 220 km of car-free routes installed above London's suburban rail network and would accommodate 12,000 cyclists per hour. And Netherlands famous suspended bike path, the Hovenring, conceived in 2008, has become a landmark. The cycle path roundabout in the province of North Brabant is the first of its kind in the world.

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