Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bus driver beats up passenger who spat in his face; girl dragged 100 ft by school bus - compilation

How can you NOT know you're dragging a kid (between the school bus' doors)? Scary. A bus compilation video for you...

1. Seattle bus driver Dennis Echols was fired after he beat up 23-year-old passenger Ethan McKinney for spitting in his face.
2. A 7-year-old girl got her backpack caught in the door, and the driver didn’t notice until another car pulled in front to make them stop.
3. A first grader in North Carolina was exiting a school bus on Monday afternoon when the driver suddenly shut the door on her arm. That she survived being dragged for a mile is almost miraculous.
4. In Taiwan, a 78 year old grandmother identified by her last name, Yang, was on her way home from the morning market when she was run over by a bus.
5. A Houston-area bus driver was caught red-handed trying to cover up a security camera with a sheet of paper before getting one of his passengers between the sheets, according to a KPRC2 report.

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