Saturday, May 7, 2016

Family watches Fort McMurray Home Burn from Doorbell security

Wow. Scary stuff folks, watching what it's like for your home to be destroyed by an out-of-control fire - from the inside via a security camera...

When thousands fled the flames in Fort McMurray Tuesday most wondered if they’d ever see their homes again.

James O’Reilly didn’t have to wonder—he watched his home of almost 20 years burn to the ground on his iPhone.

The video — shot by an indoor security camera about twenty minutes after O’Reilly and his wife had just barely enough time to grab some clothing and go — starts with a clear view of their living room, front window and two clown fish in a tank.

“We’re better than most,” he said. “We made it through, and we have our camper, so we have a home on the road.”

The original 5 minute video has been sped up.

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