Friday, June 17, 2016

Live TV Blooper: Sand Sculpting Mishap

­čśĆ tee hee. It's another one of those classic 'ooops!' moment caught on camera...

Last week KMTV’s Morning Blend hosted by Mike DiGiacomo featured a sand sculpture expert, who had come in to teach the team how to build a sandcastle.

First build the crenellations

Also known as those bits at the top of a castle you can shoot arrows through

The sand sculpting expert then presented the hosts with a novelty:

"I’ve also got a little toy I’d like you to try and play with, if you like..."

This is called a 'willysphere'.
No, really.


It makes perfect circles


While the expert continues to talk away, DiGiacomo - the eager beaver - can't help but play with the willysphere...


And he stands back, surveying his creation...

. . .

Abort mission. Abort mission. ABORT MISSION.


"What did I just make there? What? Hold on…oh my gosh…"

 Now watch the video...  

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