Thursday, January 22, 2015

Canadian Driver Inadvertently Captured on Film in Off-Road Crash in Bolivia

He's 64-year-old Matt Campbell and one of the few Canadians to race in the off-road Dakar Rally in the Bolivian desert. 

Last week, in the desert, travelling at close to 200 km/h, Calgarian Campbell and two of his El Martillo Racing teammates – Luis ‘Fito’ Ramirez and navigator Nico Ambriz – flipped their vehicle over and over several times - and it was all captured on film. 
They were hurt and taken to a South American hospital but only suffered minor injuries. 

“The race car was moving at a speed of 174 km/h when suddenly they found the water cut five feet deep …There was not much to do but hang on and resist the crash,” reads a post on the team’s Facebook page. “At the 50-kilometre mark on the road book of the seventh stage, the first part of the marathon stage, the water crossing where the accident happened was marked as ‘Danger 2’, when in fact it should’ve (been marked) ‘Danger 4’ at least.” “It’s surreal,” said Palmai. “It was by the grace of God that they walked out of there.”

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