Monday, October 19, 2015

Girl thrown off (American Airlines) flight after alleged bullying by male flight attendant

"You just lost a lot of customers," said one passenger, "Screw this airlines", said another. This Oregon woman was asked to leave the plane for really no good reason we could read, and you could hear the passengers booing as she was being led off. According to the uploader's description:

"This poor girl didn't hear Tim (in aisle) the flight attendant ask her to move to let someone else by. Tim then yelled for her to move and it upset her, yet she still apologized to Tim. After sitting, the girl mentioned to a different attendant Tim was rude to her. Next thing we know, the girl is thrown off the plane. After the flight about 20 of us grabbed the pilot at the gate and complained. That shear number proves Tim was just being an ass. USAir/American flight 408 (Phoenix to Portland) Oct 11, 2015."

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