Monday, January 25, 2016

3 Timelapse Videos of the 2016 US Blizzard

Storm Jonas, which claimed at least 19 lives in the US, also captured a lot of peoples' fascination. Many interesting time-lapse videos were created. These 3 videos capturing the snow accumulation over an elapsed period of time, truly captured the scope of the storm...

Time-lapse video of blizzard - shot with Garmin VIRB X, 1 sec interval, sped up to 16x speed. Time: from Friday January 22, 2:40 pm to Sat. Jan 23, 7:45 pm

24 hours of footage, From 12:30 pm on January 22 to 12:30 pm on January 23. Nearly 3000 photos, all captured with a GoPro Hero 4. I honestly have no idea how much snow we have (I'm guessing over 30"), but it has been snowing for over 31 hours...

A time lapse video shows New York City's Times Square covered in snow Credit: Reuters  

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