Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Heartwarming Rescue of Fox Cub in a Drain in England

We guess it's not just North America we hear about foxes moving into urban territories. This poor cub was discovered stuck in a drain in the Cooden Beach area 0f East Sussex, England...

“At first we were unsure where the cub was as there were multiple pipes leading in different directions. We used a mobile phone to film inside the pipes, as well as drainage rods, hose pipe and insulation for pipes to try checking the pipes and potentially push the cub to the drain entrance 2.5ft underground. We were amazed that the vixen turned up whilst we were trying to find the cub and it was almost as if she knew we were trying to rescue her cub” said Chris.

Rescuers could hear the cub and eventually came to the conclusion, that the cub must be in the only section of pipe they couldn’t get rods or pipes into. “We didn't want to give up, and we knew that if the cub was left it would die. After spending 90 minutes trying to get to the cub we came to realize we had no choice but to play the waiting game. It is common for cubs to make their way back towards the entrance they came in from, so we decided to back off take a break and then try again.

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